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June 19, 2014



what I want most.. it to get started in the amazing PL do a check list, so I can check it off.. but most of all what I want is TIME for ME.. to create :)

Kristina Woods

I'm looking forward to spending lots of time relaxing in the back yard reading while the kids swim :) Enjoy your bucket list! I think I'm going to create a modified version for us!

Annie Dohrman

I love this idea! I am looking forward to warmer weather after the cold winter we had in Michigan.

Sherri Lynne

Fantastic idea. Looking forward to the most this summer is enjoying all the little things. Summer 2012 I had sudden cardiac arrests and was ill for a very long time, summer 2013 didn't get to enjoy much. This summer is dedicated to getting my life back.


LOVE IT!!! pICK ME!! :)

Leeann Giroux

Great idea & use for your cards! I'm so excited to go camping with my best friend that lives 6 hrs away from me.

LeAnne Segers

I am looking forward to a beach trip, days by the pool and a trip to Kansas to visit my best friend.

Keyla G

I wanna enjoy the remaining time that my daughter has as an only child before our 2nd baby shows up at the end of July!!! I wanna make sure she feels loved and special, so she feels confident about sharing mommy with her little brother ;)


First off, how sweet of you to do a giveaway! This summer I'm looking forward to a family vacation in Denver!

Kim B.

I am most looking forward to just relaxing this summer. Seems like every year we go, go, go. We plan on doing local activities this year.


Just being able to spend the summer with my daughter and warm weather!!!

Annie Dohrman

I absolutely love this idea. Being a stay-at-home mom it's hard to keep the kids busy during the summer.

Sarah A.

Spending more time with my 9 year old son. My hubby and I are now working fewer days and we both have Fri-Sun off now. Yay! More family time together. Plus we will be RAving for 10 days at a few local state parks. Thanks for the giveaway.


I just found your blog! Love this idea! So creative and inspiring! I am looking forward to relaxing by the pool, some adventures with the kids, not having to follow a strict time schedule and doing some Project Life scrapbooking! I am also looking forward to a summer without a move (we moved last summer). Thanks for the inspiration.

karen j

Very neat idea! I very much look forward to swim days - and s'mores on the deck!!


I have been looking forward to spending fUn and quality time with each of my grandchildren, this would be absolutely perfect!!

Melissa fahnestock

I love your idea!! I am looking for down time with my family! Also looking to do some stuff me. On Tuesday I am taking my General Knowlwdge Test to get into the College of Ed.... All I have doing is studying lately! So I have a list in my planner of stuff I want to do for me. Some things are... Yoga on the beach, mani and pedi, early morning walk... A day of Lifetime movies... Picnic with my hubby! I am going to put them on cards and pop them in my book when I do it!

stephanie olsen

Completing my first project life book!

Amy P

Family getaways!

Sarah Walker

I'm pinning this :) Thanks for the chance to win! I'm most looking forward to taking my nephew to Disney for the first time when my sister visits and staying at the beach when my mom visits FL.

Andie d

I can't wait for my kids to be off of school and home with me. I love this idea!

Deana K.

Angela, you did a beautiful job on your cards and wall. I love all of your fun summer plans...your little guy is so lucky to have a wonderful mama!

My husband and I look forward to cook outs, going to the water park (often), enjoying some dirt track racing on Saturday evenings, sitting around the fire pit with friends, going to the drive in movies, and spending some time with our 3 grand children (9, 7 & 4) and making some memories with them.

Thank you for your lovely generosity in your give away. Bless you.

Mickaela Vildljung

What a wondeful idea! For My summer I'm really looking forward for My babysisters Wedding, but the highlight Will be to teatch My daughter how to play in a kiddypool and hoppfully to crawl or walk.

IF you chose Me I'll gladly play the shopping if you can consider to Send abroad:)

Love Mickaela

Tracy V

I can't wait to spend more itme with my kiddos this summer -going to ball games, the beach and just hanging out on the deck while the sun sets, watching the fireflies. Thanks for the chance to win! Have a wonderful summer break!

Paula Arnold

I am retired now and am going to read, scrap and rest!!!

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