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June 19, 2014



What a cute idea! I don't have any wall space for this, but even in a PL album and leaving a space next to it for a picture would be cool!

I'm headed to Washington D.C in a few weeks to spend some much needed time away with a few girl friends. And then back to the grind of grad school and work. :p

Cheka Heihn

Looking forward to Dylan's 2nd Birthday party, visiting Sea World, visiting friends in other cities, weddings, and life in the outdoors (while trying to stay cool)!

Heather Mitchell

Looking forward to moving, backpacking camping trips, vacation, laying by the pool and warm summer nights. This is adorable.

Carmen Atwell

What a great idea!! I'm looking forward to down time with my family 😃

Melinda D.

We are surprising the kids with a visit to Disney in July!!! Love your giveaways!

Michelle Tanner

Hanging with YOU of course!!!


That is an amazing idea! Thank you for the inspiration and the chance to win! This summer I'm most looking forward to having my family reunited. My family fell on hard times and my husband has been living in a different state finishing his degree while my daughter and I have been living with my mother. The anticipation is killing me; I'm so excited! :)

Paula Arnold

I love this idea and wish my kids were smaller to get the full effect!! But I can go back and recreate things!! I look forward to working on PL and get some memories documented!!


I can't wait to travel and have play dates with you guys!!!

Pamela Chantron

looking forward to having an amazing summer with my girls and husband...just being together and having some memorable adventures.


Having my kneecap heal so I can get out of this brace and start enjoying my summer break! Sweet!!!!

Bonnie Reynolds

I absolutely love this use of PROJECT LIFE cards... So glad I found your blog! I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts!

I'm looking forward to more daylight hours, fresh garden vegetables and cold salads, grilling with my kids, sitting outside in the sun with my Chinese Crested no-fur baby, family reunions, Sunday suppers with my family at my parents house, and painting in my journal while outdoors! Life is Good!


Enjoying time with my girls before my youngest starts KINDERGARTEN!!!

Cindy E. Rapson

Brilliant! I'm looking forward to quiet craft time, family get-togethers, listening thru my windows to kids playing outside and my husband home on weekends. I love this idea. I can just picture taking down a card and making it happen...

Tonya Gigous

Always so crafty, Ang! Gonna spend the summer hanging with my boys....swimming, bowling, reading, mini-golf!!!! Hope yours is special with that sweet boy of yours!


I'm not posting to enter...just to say, Dancing in the Rain was one of my favorite memories ever with Lauren.

One day during summer break we were at home just hanging out and a sudden downpour came and I just scooped her up and we went outside and danced in the rain until we were soaking wet and laughing hysterically.

She still remembers to this day!


Super cute idea! I am looking forward to going to the lake and to the splash park with my kiddos, having picnics, making s'mores, an just making lots of memories!

Mona Babin

Looking forward to spending time with family and friends, outdoors adventures, relaxing at home and enjoying my yard. Road trips.


What a unique idea! I'm looking forward to selling fireworks, this will be our 3rd year doing it. It's a lot of hard work in the hottest part of the summer but we always make it fun! This is the time our family comes together and makes some fun memories and stories to tell, we laugh til we cry usually!

Susan Brown

I love this idea. I'm looking forward to swimming and getting some sun this summer. After such a hard winter I want to be outside as much as possible.


Love this! What a super cute idea! I hope you enjoy your summer break!


I'm looking forward to my cousin's wedding, and a family reunion. Its been several years since all of my husbands siblings have been together in one place. It should be a lot of fun.


After the worst winter ever, I can't wait to go swimming and taking my boys to an amusement park.

Paula Nichols

I love these cards. I am new to Project Life and I am loving it! I am looking forward to spending lots of free time with my kids checking items off out bucket list. Looking forward to new and exciting adventures and documenting as I go. Thanks for this opportunity.


I am a little nervous for this summer because I will have all four of my kids full time for the first time, but there isn't anything I don't like about the season, so it will be all good! Thanks for all of these ideas, I'm going to make a wall like I'm our house! :)

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