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October 22, 2013


Chelsea Ordonez

PSL, of course! You know, they only have them in the US and Canada. We tried to order one in Singapore but no luck!

Michelle Tanner

Skinny Vanilla Latte with 1 pump of pumpkin. It's pretty tasty!

Melinda Devany

I commented yesterday! But I'd love to win this one too :)

Melinda Devany

...and love lots of different Starbucks. Fave depends on mood/time of day...

Chelsea Purifoy

Nonfat Latte if I'm being good. Pumpkin Spice Latte if I want a splurge!

Inner Loop Adventures

Pumpkin Spice Latte is my fave drink, and the banana chocolate chip bread is my fave snack! This is a great give-a-way :)

Sara Henderson

Gingerbread latte's are heaven and I can't wait until they are out!! Starbucks gets a lot of my $$ during the holidays!!

Tonya Gigous

PSL is my favorite. When that isn't an option I love the cinnamon dolce latte.


I meant to get back on the site yesterday to sign up for the book giveaway, but I forgot!
At starbucks I love mochas or peppermint mochas at christmas time.

Julie Coryell

I love Chai tea lattes (hot or cold)! I also love taking my daughter there & she always wants a Vanilla Bean Frappucino!

Abbey Gropp

I thought the kids books were a great idea but for some reason couldn't comment yesterday... you always have such fun giveaways! And my favorite Starbucks treat is an a chai frappucino!

beverly harrison

Since I retired, going to a Starbucks is a rare treat. Just thinking about it, my eyes get that dreamy look in them and I take a deep breathe and can almost smell the goodness of a regular cup with cream... ahhhhh...
Surely we will have Starbucks in heaven..

Patrick Pyle

Just a normal tall hot latte


I love chai tea!

Amanda Parham-Hall

My favorite Starbucks drink is one that they only serve when they bring out the famous RED CUPS-LOL-it's the Caramel Brulee' & it's so amazing:) Thanks 4 the giveaway!

Kourtney Johnson

My favorite is the white hot chocolate with extra whip.

Nancy P.

iced white choc. mocha no whip, LOVE it!! (O: Good Luck everybody!!

Kelli W

Cute photo! I love PSL's as well, but when they aren't in season I sometimes get a White Chocolate Mocha - yummy!

Tracy J

Fav at Starbucks is a hazelnut breve on cold days and a frap on hot days :)

Danice Oliver

My favorite every morning thing is a trenta black iced tea, not water, no sugar, extra ice!


Caramel Frapp!

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