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August 15, 2012



Thank you for finding something for me to do with the chilies I keep seeing. Do you find them to be very hot? When I tried a hatch chili enchilada at Whole Foods last week it was pretty warm. Haven't bought any yet, but these look amazing!! Thinking dinner on Saturday!

Omaflinger AKA  Marlene Morgan

Last Friday, we saw HEB roasting the chilies and they did smell wonderful but I did not have any recipe or knowledge of how best to use them. Thank you so much for this step by step yummy idea. I'm heading back there in two days and will purchase everything to follow this casserole.

Kelli W

my husband gets giddy like a kid when we start seeing the Hatch chilis. We may have to try this recipe. Last night he cut some up to throw into the meat for the ground turkey tostadas we made for dinner. But his favorite part? Going to Chuy's as much as possible during their Hatch Chili Festival - yum!

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