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July 10, 2012



Wow, 1000 posts! Congrats!!! This is a milestone to remember. I didn't know you made these canvases - they are BEAUTIFUL! They would definitely sell on Etsy ;)
I liked it and pinned it, and I hope it leads many, many people here. Your insights into life (even the little ones) are my favorite part of the blog. And I love the idea of meditating on a word connected to a scripture! Keep connecting, friend. You are a blessing :)

Carol H - Fairview Heights, IL

I can't believe 1000 posts! And I've enjoyed reading all of them. BTW, this IS a fashion/food/photography/parenting/organizing blog! And I truly believe God has used you to reach others and see His works. Your story is a modern day miracle, and we've seen God's blessings in your life. If you can find/make the time, you should give Etsy a try - your creations are beautiful. Love & {{hugs}}

Sara Kennedy

Wow! That's quite an accomplishment! I liked it and pinned it ! And I love reading your blog, like you said I feel like I really have gotten to know you more than when we worked together everyday. I sent my friends who have been on an adoption roller coaster your way, too.

Michelle Tanner

Um I LOVE this giveaway. I was just thinking about how I need one of your canvases for the boys gallery wall. What do I love about your blog you ask? EVERYTHING. You are a lifestyle blog & could TOTALLY make this bad boy big. I have no doubt. I am liking it, tweeting it, pinning it as well!!


What do I love about this blog....everything! I've ben reading the blog from the beginning, and I am hooked! Beyond that just love you too! D

Lisa Johnson

Congrats on reaching 1,000 posts.
I initially found your blog b/c of Project Life, but I ♥ your posts about that and every day life.
I hope you have 1,000 more.

Lisa Johnson

I "liked" this post on Facebook.

Beverly Harrison

Sweet Angela, you have always been one of those people that just brightened my day after running into you somewhere. You have no idea the times you have encouraged me. If I was feeling bad I knew you had felt so much worse. I praised your triumphs and prayed for your challenges. I liked you on facebook as well.


1,000 is A LOT! I mostly enjoy seeing glimpses into your everyday life.

Jamie K

I read your blog as much as I can. I enjoy all aspects of the blog but my favorite is the recipe shares. I am always looking for new recipes to make for my family of 5!

Jamie K

I shared on Facebook. :)

Helen P

I shared on fb. Will pin when I get to my computer since my kindle won't let me. I love EVERYTHING about your blog. Not even kidding. You have me trying project life because of your posts about it. Keep it up.

Helen P

Okay my pretty, I pinned this and shared again on FB via my pin. Not sure that counts as another entry but hey, worth a try. I really want one of these canvases, lol.

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