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October 25, 2011


Kate Balbin

I have always remembered being a giant red M&M and Maid Marian! Both were homemade costumes, how funny.


I had so many great ones. AND my mom always made them... One year my mom made a Princess Lea costume. Complete with a gold braided rope and the buns in my hair. SO FUN!!!!

Danice Oliver

It will come as NO surprise to you, my friend, I always had to be a princess, a queen, a ballet dancer, etc...something super girly. My mom was big on Halloween, one year she did a haunted house in our garage...she even had a cauldron with dry ice making smoke...so this old woman comes up the driveway wanting to read my fortune, I ran screaming into the house only to find out later it was my Nana!! LOL. Too funny!


My favorite costume as a child was Cinderella, and thanks to my friend, Hannah, my daughter will be Cinderella as well this year! (My costume was bought at Spicer's, but my daughter's is beautifully handmade)--Michele Pasbrig


Oh this is so hard...I think my favorite costume as a child was when my mom made me a clown costume. I loved it! My brother was also a clown only his costume was opposite of mine. We looked adorable and I think we won some award in our neighborhood. My costumes were also always homemade. So when my girls were little I made all their costumes. My favorite for them was when I made Emily an elephant costume or maybe it was when Chelsea was an Egyptian princess. I made my sister a matching costume so they looked so cute together. Thanks for the memory trip!

Mary Hardt

My favorite costume was a "Kansas" cowgirl complete with a vest with the map of Kansas on the back, cowgirl skirt and requisite "Dale Rogers" pistols with white "leather" holster. What can I say -- my grandmother was an overachiever!

Debbie Adams

I remember going into Dad's closet and grabbing the biggest clothes I could find. Instant hobo!

Katy Gump

I loved the simple little sewed ones like a cat

Beverly Harrison

Tying colorful, flowing scarves to a belt was the beginnings of a gypsy in the making! Loved it!

Karen Kessen

My favorite costume was a Morton's Sale Box. My mother made it out of a box and painted it just like the box looked. This was about 45 years ago.


My mom used to always put my sister and I in footed solid colored pajamas with a bunny tail and ears. It was my favorite! Now my 7 year old son thinks he should wear footed pajamas to school on pajama day :)

Melissa Sheeley

My favorite costume was when I was a witch in the 3rd grade. I remember this horrible green mask with black hair attached. I won a ribbon for the ugliest costume. :o)

Karol balbin

Once Grandma dressed me up like a cowgirl and your Dad (my brother) was a cowboy. He still has his guns that he wore. We always had to trick or treat together when I was little. I loved my hat the most.


It's hard to pick between Cleopatra and Wonderwoman :)


My favorite costume was the year I was a native American princess and my younger sister was a cowgirl...haha!

Chelsea O.

Not a costume as a kid, but last year's costume... a bingo card! A winning bingo card, of course! Seriously fun costume :)


My favorite was the year I was a ghost. My mom offered to make my sister and I whatever costume we wanted. My sister picked a bunny, and my mom worked for weeks on sewing this entire bunny outfit from the ears down to the feet. When I picked the ghost, she took a sheet and cut out the eyes! Ha ha!

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