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October 27, 2011



I love holiday scents, especially ones with pumpkin or cinnamon. I also stick to the fruity/citrus-y scents during summer.


I am addicted to lemon lavender. I have 5 of them all over the house. I also like Dune Grass which is discontinued....but I am in desperate need of a fall scent. I say then at BBB but was out of cash...I hope the random number generator picks 2 again...Come on random number generator.

Hi Angela! Love the pics of Karsten and the house. Keep 'em coming!

Mary Hardt

My favorite scent is a discontinued one, Tulips.

Kate Balbin

One thing I hate is food scented candles. In the fall and Christmas time I like cranberry scents or apple


Pine/evergreen. Given that you just got back from Colorado, I think I should win and if so, you should send my prize to my exhausted Bratty (sister).


spiced pumpkin


Spiced pumpkin


I love Apple!

Melissa Sheeley

I love anything with a Fresh / Clean Linen smell. But Cranberry is also one of my favorites.

Jamie Koonce

My favorite is Christmas Cookie!

Luci Garza

Love this one! My faves right now anything vanillas, pines, coffees and baked yummies- like Pumkin Roll...mmmm, so can't wait for Thanksgiving!!! =)


I love vanilla scents all year round


vanilla is a classic!


Anything with Pine or Cinnamon for me :)Go cards!

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