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October 24, 2011


Tonya Gigous

Candy corn and pumpkins for me, too. Also my granny's popcorn balls...yummy!

Karen Kessen

Candy Corn and anything made with pumpkin. And I still love anything with pumpkin.

Heather Q.

I was so tempted to buy candy corn last week, it's so yummy, I used to hoard them in my pockets when I was a kid so I could snack on them. Needless to say, my mom was not very happy when she did the laundry :) I love the little cupcake kit, where did you find it?

Miranda P

Anthing with pumpkin and the yummy little caramel squares!

Tina Garvey

Caramel apples were always a favorite Halloween treat growing up. Don't really care for them now, but they always take me back a few years.

Kate Balbin

Peanut M&Ms is always my favorite!


I guess I'd say candy corns too. I used to sneak into the family room where a big glass pumpkin full of candy corns sat to get some. To make sure I wasn't caught I'd smooth the carpet lines back out where my footprints were.
And we wonder why I have control issues!!


My favorites were always fruity candy - Skittles, Starbursts, etc. I didn't really care for chocolate! I love candy corn now, but I don't think I liked it as a kid either!


My favorite as a kid was the long tootsie rolls or the log ones. Now my weakness is candy corn :)

Melissa Sheeley

I absolutely loved Slo-Pokes as a kid. Just can’t seem to find them anymore.

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