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April 18, 2011


Yvonne Ybarra

Most of us have at least 9 months to mentally prepare, even though
reality is never quite what we plan out in our head with or without all the time :) I think you guys are doing fantastic for having mere days to welcome this precious baby home. I have a 10, 8 an almost 5 year old. I have lots of moments of frustration. LOL. ;)

Michele P.

LOVE the photo of Karsten checking out the balloons! He is really alert! Thanks for sharing about your first week. Parenting is definitely 24/7 and is frustrating at times (especially when the newborn has jaundice and falls asleep while eating)! Each stage has its challenges and charms.


Max, our youngest, had gas issues with regular formula and did much better with Similac Sensitive. We actually used the Target brand sensitive (pink one) which is the same as similac sensitive. Much cheaper and essentially the same thing:) Glad you are all adjusting well... It is a big adjustment even with 9 months to plan... With just a few days it must be a little bit of a shock.

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