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January 08, 2011


Heather Q.

I'm right there with you Angela. My husband and I are planning on putting our house up for sale within the next week or two. We have donated a whole Goodwill store worth of stuff and given away stuff to friends and family too. It feels good to give stuff away and know it will get more use out of it than it ever did when you had it. Have fun moving and I'll be praying you that your house sells quickly and easily and that you find the perfect house in the perfect location for you two!

karol balbin

Yeahhhh Angela. OH Oh Oh I wish I was there helping you. I love love love to clean out and organize!!! I guess your Dad's sister got the gene too!! As much as I move (and the gov moves us) I don't want to unpack stuff that I have to find a place to store if I am not using it. So you go girl, clean out that house and make yourself feel free and organized.
Love Auntie Karol

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