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September 15, 2007



OK, You're right. That's a mess....get to work.

Just kidding, I could care less how it looks....I just want to see my friend!


I know you didn't ask but here is what I do when I reach the point where you are. I grab one of my fave possessions, Pampered Chef's kitchen timer, but any timer will work. I decide how many "areas" I want to tackle & how much total time I want to spend cleaning & organizing. Ex: 5 areas & 2 hours = appx 25 minutes per area. I go to the 1st area, set the timer and work until the timer goes off. When the timer chimes, move on to the next area. I find this helps me stay very focused on each area and I don't get as distracted. If you know you only have a certain amount of time & want to get as much done as you can then you tend to work more effectively. At least I do. Plus, it isn't quite as overwhelming to think you don't have to finish everything in every area all at once. Hope it helps. Now, breathe....ahhhh.


p.s.- if it would make you feel better, I could send you a photo of all the clean clothing piles I have in my bedroom! I am very bad about getting the clean stuff put away. Probably due to my lack of drawer space!


Day 4 of the Challenge and I'm right there with you! You know how wonderful it will feel when it's done but just looking at it almost paralyzes you. Makes it hard to get started I know. I have no words of wisdom (if I did I would be organized!) but as far as getting rid of things, I always enlist the help of a friend. An unbiased person with no connection to your "things" can make the stuff easier to get rid of. My Grandmother always said "disorganization and clutter are signs of a creative mind"-would drive my Mom nuts...but sometimes it makes my mess make sense! Don't be too hard on yourself-have a great one*!*

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